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Bo TV performances with Conway Twitty (Part 1 of 4)

There are 3 more videos of Bo on TV backing Conway Twitty. Just search for BoAsSeenOnTV without any spaces (upper-lower case does not matter).

The Bo Sloan Band *1982 (Part 1 of 10)

Bo Sloan Band - 1982 live performance of "On Broadway"

Featuring Jay Kaspar (keyboards); Kevin Ward (drums);

Bob Hansel (bass guitar) and Bo Sloan (lead vocal and lead guitar) . 

You can see more videos of this show. On YouTube, search for Bo Sloan Band 1982. 

Bo Sloan Band last show 12/31/1984 (Part 1 of 4)

Featured songs: "Oh Atlanta" "Horizontal Bop" and "No Toll (original)                                                                         Musicians: (Front, left to right) Dave Flodine, Bo Sloan, Bob Hansel, Mark Ashley on drums

You can see 3 more videos of the Bo Sloan Band's last show. On YouTube, search for Bo Sloan Band last show. 

Bo Sloan Band Reunion (1990) Pt 1 of 4

Bo Sloan Band reunion (1990) Songs "Flat Tire Merle", "Splish Splash" and "High Livin".

Video taken 5 years after the Bo Sloan Band's last show on Dec 31st, 1984.

Featured musicians (left to right): Dave Flodine (lead guitar);

Kevin Ward (drums); Bo Sloan (guitar and piano) and Bob Hansel (bass guitar)

This was 5 years after the Bo Sloan Band's last show. You can see 3 more videos of the Bo Sloan Band's 1990 reunion. On YouTube, search for Bo Sloan Band Reunion. 

Seneca Trail * Home Movies

1969 home movie showing of the antics of "Seneca Trail", a country rock band that consisted of Jim Fleming (lead singer); Lisle Kunkle (Lead singer and lead guitar); Frank Gorton (bass guitar); Cliff Koch (drums) and Bo Sloan (lead guitar and vocals).

Music is of live performances of the group. Also shown in the film are Lisle's brothers; Larry Kunkle (doing the "funny" faces); Rick Kunkle (as a boy); band friend Jack; Lisle's mother Roberta.

Seneca Trail Reunion * 2009 (Pt 1 of 4)

2009 Seneca Trail Reunion show. Songs include "Fire" and "Maple Shade".

Musicians: Jim Fleming (lead vocal); Lisle Kunkle (vocals and guitar); Frank Gorton (vocals and bass guitar); Bo Sloan (keyboards); Bill McAtee (guitar); Emil Herby (lead guitar); Kevin Gamble (drums)

You can see 3 more videos of the 2009 Seneca Trail Reunion Show. On YouTube, search for Seneca Trail reunion.

Dan Baker performing - 1984

Dan Baker performing with The Bo Sloan Band, Dec 31st 1984.

Songs: "Jail House Rock", "The Twist" and "Ain't Too Proud to Beg". 

Bo Sloan Vietnam Home movies (Part 1 of 4)

Film that Bo took of Vietnam while stationed in Da Nang and Saigon (Sept 1971 to Oct 1972)

You can see 3 more videos of Bo Sloan in Vietnam. On YouTube, search for Bo Sloan Vietnam. 

Bo Sloan on Star Trek

While visiting Universal Studios in California, Bo got a chance to appear in a Star Trek episode. 

This was done purely for laughs as you will soon see.